XTux title
Last Updated: Mar 13th 2003


XTux is a multiplayer Gauntlet-style arcade game for X-windows featuring open-source mascots. XTux runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, Irix and other unix-like systems, so players can come together from different platforms to compete in network Holywar deathmatches or work together to take on the evil Microsoft empire. Read the single player story to understand why we must fight!


Download page - 1.5 Megs.
Art page - download the models used in the game.
Sourceforge Project Page - Mailing lists, messageboards, bug tracking, forums.


Freelords - A warlords clone with art contributions by James Andrews.

Thanks to the very cool people at Sourceforge for hosting us.

Webpage / Code / Design: Dave Lawrence
Art / Design: James Andrews