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Single player story

2005: Microsoft finally releases Windows2000. The few remaining in line from midnight December 31, 1999 expecting Microsoft to deliver "on time" were slightly annoyed, but otherwise the response was extremely enthusiastic.

After installation, new users found themselves staring into the recently renamed "blue screen of bliss", a sky-blue background covered with white hexadecimal numbers. An unexpected feature in the latest GUI enhancements is a slow wave made by the monitors scan-line which keeps the user glued hypnotically to the peaceful blue screen. Meanwhile, the users personal details are sent to a big database in Redmond. Microsoft has yet to issue a patch to correct this behaviour.

Unconfirmed rumours quickly appeared on internet forums, reporting the discovery that voices can be clearly heard when the Microsoft Sound(tm) is played backwards. "Bill Gates is the richest man on the face of the earth because he is the world's best programmer" and "Microsoft invented the internet." are among the messages reported. Microsoft refuses to acknowlege these accounts.

Tux awoke from a long sleep. He had eaten way too much herring during a coding binge the night before, and was still feeling sleepy. He ambled over to his computer and visited slashdot.org Right next to the announcement "Microsoft releases Windows 2000", he see's a poll: "Windows2000 is (Wonderful | Excellent | Brilliant )"

"No!" Thought Tux, "CmdrTaco wouldn't have tried it already!". But it was too late. Many of the Linux faithful had at least tried it, mostly for a laugh, and fallen under it's spell.

Tux scanned the comments with horror: over 200, all with "First post" as their title, and all declaring Win2000 to be the best thing since XTux, an obscure game released in 1999.

A scowl forms in a corner of his beak as he runs a flipper along the edge of a linux CD -razor sharp. He disconnects from slashdot without even reading all of the stories. His fight has begun.

You must Battle through hoards of Evil Microsoft lusers, Certified Peons and Bugs while collecting computer processors. Using these, construct a massive Beowulf machine capable of cracking the security on Microsofts secret database. Upload yourself into the internet, liberate friendly Linux sites, then battle your way into microsoft.com destroying all you can find. Only then can you turn your wrath towards your nemisis, the evil lord Gates.

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